Savings Made Simple

A Plan That Grows With Your Children

Canada Child Savings Plan is designed to help families just like yours maximize the use of your Federal Child Benefit Payments.

Replace Uncertainty with Confidence

Secure Your Children’s
Future Today

We believe that a proper savings strategy should be easy, and lead to a better quality of life now, as well as in your child's future.

Savings Made Simple

Invest In Your Children's Dreams

We take away the uncertainty and make your families current savings experience an easy and profitable one.

We have over 35 years’ experience in helping people just like you, secure their children’s financial future Some of our clients have generated thousands of dollars that they have used at their discretion, without penalties. You can do the same.

So let us help you to achieve your financial goals Over time, your investments and savings can help secure the future you want , for you and your family.

Our financial advisors will guide you in setting up the plan and strategy, that best suits your unique situation

A Flexlible Tailored Saving Plan

What Is Canadian
Child Savings Plan?

CCSP is a low-cost children’s plan that grows while your children grow. It provides a basic amount of permanent insurance to ensure security, but its real beneficial features are so much more. CCSP offers quick growth, flexibility, huge tax benefits and easy access. In addition to this, it can be used at any time, for any purpose. Whether it’s buying that first car, paying college tuition, or paying for that dream wedding. Our unique product will ensure you and your children have security, flexibility and immediate access to money, like no other product out there.

Why We Started CCSP

The Birth of CCSP

Canadian Child Savings Plan was borne from a yearning to implement secure financial strategies that positively affect the lives of growing families. With over 35 years of experience, we will provide you with the best savings plan to suit your unique situation. The founder, Mr. Collette Handy has a distinguished career in Financial Consulting, Insurance and Mortgage Brokering dating back to 1983. Mr. Handy is a long standing member of and served as a director on the board of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association formerly (IMBA). He has been the vice president and held several other executive positions with the Peel Multicultural Council. He specializes in finding ways to make you better off financially.

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CCSP will ensure you and your children have security and flexbility and immediate access to money anytime, it's a low cost children savings plan that grows with your children, that provides low cost insurance for security. It can be used at any time for any purpose. Let us replace uncertainty with confidence.

Submit Your Application

Don’t waste another day of potential earnings, submit your application now and complete the process in 4 easy steps. Let us replace uncertainty with confidence by allowing you easy access to an ever increasing amount of money, for both yourself and your children that will help you guarantee a bright future for them.

1. Contact us and request a personalized illustration

2. Review with a qualified agent.

3. Claim your Canada Child
Benefit payments.

4. Receive your plan.


    What Our Customers
    Are Saying About CCSP

    See what others are saying about their wonderful experience with the Canada Child Savings Plan. We have more than 40+ years of experience in the financial services sector and have helped saved tens of millions of dollars for families to date. We serve clients across the GTA, we believe that a proper savings strategy should be easy, and lead to a better quality of life now, as well as in your childrens future. Book a free no obligation consultation today!

    "We've saved tens of thousands of dollars for our children over the last 5 years working with CCSP, thanks to them our children went to their dream schools!"

    Matthews Family

    Toronto, Ontario

    "We have 2 kids and have been clients with CCSP for 18 years. Our representative is very knowledgeable and always available when needed!"


    Thornhill, Ontario

    "What a great company! Sean has always had our best interest in mind and the process was effortless. I feel great about placing my children’s financial future in their hands!"

    Jackson Family

    Oakville, Ontario

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The money in the plan can be used at any time without explaining the reason for withdrawal.

    The money in the plan is available at any time for any reason


    The value in the plan is owned and controlled by the owner of the plan-usually the parent or grand parent

    The money in the plan may be borrowed out at any time with no tax implications

    No. Each plan is designed to match your requirements.


    Savings Made Simple. Helping You Secure your Children’s Future.

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