Why spend your federal child benefits payments on just covering the cost of living when you can create a stream of wealth that will last multiple lifetimes!
Child Savings Plan has been designed to replace a parent’s stress of providing for their children, with the comforting feeling of knowing that there is a Nest Egg available to give them a Jump Start. The CCSP is a low-cost children’s insurance plan that grows while the children grow. Although it offers a basic amount of permanent insurance, the main benefit of this plan is its flexibility and easy access, coupled with the quick growth of the savings portion of the plan. This can be used at any time and for any purpose whether it’s that first car, or college tuition, or the dream wedding. Please note that the total savings in the plan is completely controlled by the owner of the plan – usually the parents or grandparents.

To Educate

We strive to educate parents and grandparents on how to build a secure future for their children to enable them to finance their dreams.

To Equip

We seek to provide parents and grandparents with the best tools available, that will allow them to save for their child’s future dreams.

To Engage

We endeavour to engage parents and children by showing them how to use the many powerful benefits and features of the plan.

Benefits of Child Savings Plan

Our mission is to empower Canadian parents to take control of their family’s financial future by equipping them with effective tools and proven strategies to guarantee meaningful results.


  • Use your Federal child benefit payments for the contributions.
  • Choose the contribution amount comfortable for your budget.
  • After year 1, you can borrow up to 90% of whatever cash value is in your account. Without penalty! And the balance will continue to grow for life!
  • All contributions grow tax sheltered.
  • Know exactly how much is in the plan at any given time.
  • Returns are guaranteed by a major Canadian insurance company.
  • Money in the plan is controlled by the parent or grandparent.
  • Plan may be transferred to the child any time after the child turns age 18.
  • Contributions are made over a period of 20 years only.
  • Benefits last for the life of the child and beyond.
  • Money in the plan continues to grow even after payments have stopped.
  • Child has insurance benefits for life as a benefit of the plan.
  • Child will always qualify for insurance even if the child’s health fails later.
  • Money can be borrowed from the plan without confirmation of credit, income or reason.
  • Money can be used for anything the owner chooses.


Take control of your family’s financial future by equipping yourself with tools to guarantee meaningful results.

How to get started


  • Contact us and request a personalized illustration.
  • Review with a Qualified Agent.
  • Claim your Child Benefit Payments.
  • Receive your plan.