Learn about the importance of accessing your funds anytime, anywhere

The Importance of Accessing Your Funds Anytime, Anywhere


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Canadian Child Savings Plan understands the value of having access to your funds at any time and for any reason. Whether it's for emergency expenses or investment opportunities, having the ability to withdraw your money when you need it is crucial. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of having access to your funds and how our financial and insurance services can help you achieve your goals.


(How does having access to your funds impact your investment returns?

The ability to access your funds is important for many reasons, such as:

1. Emergencies happen. Life is unpredictable an unexpected expenses can arise at any time.)

(2. Investment opportunities. Sometimes great opportunities arise when you least expect them. Having easy access to funds can sometimes make all the difference to your overall returns.

Typically, with savings and investments, the more access you have to your money, the lower the return will be.)

(For example, your savings account allows you to take out any amount of available money at any time. In return for that you are rewarded with the smallest interest return.

If you choose to lock your money in for a specific period of time, you will be paid a higher interest return. Usually the longer the period of time, the higher the interest return. In other words, you are penalized in terms of interest returns for having more access.

Investing in RRSP’s and RESP’s are great tools that allow you to save, tax sheltered but they are restrictive in terms of access because they generate higher taxation if the funds are withdrawn, early or late. (according to the plan design)


Having access to your funds, while getting a better investment return can impact you overall financial success.
Being able to use your funds when you choose can result in you taking advantage of opportunities that earn you higher returns in other areas.

At Canadian Child Savings Plan, our Guaranteed Return Policy will guarantee you consistently high returns and, at the same time, allow you easy access to up to 90% of your money at any time, for any reason. You may even borrow 90% of your asset value, and still have the asset continue to grow, as if the money was still there. (Similar to borrowing money using your home, knowing that the value of the home will still continue to increase, whether you have repaid the loan or not).

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