As one grows a family and gains assets in life, it is important to ensure that these acquired assets remain in one’s family in the event of a loved one’s death.

Also, that any remaining debts can be paid off, without financially disrupting a devastated family when that time comes. In many cases, when there is a loss, family members rely on one’s income and therefore the loss of this income can create a heavy burden on an individual’s spouse, dependents and loved ones.

Insurance Services shelter your assets from taxes, creditors and guarantee a larger payout to your next generation


Many people have negative views about life insurance because they do not understand how to use it properly, to their benefit. Often people purchase products based on price, without understanding the complete picture. When properly thought out, life insurance can be a wealth building asset which gives very competitive guaranteed returns over time, while guaranteeing protection. It will also shelter your assets from taxes, creditors and guarantee a larger pay out to your next generation.

What are the differences in benefits between Term Life policies and Whole life Policies?

Term Life policies are designed to cover the insured person for a specific period of time, similar to car insurance. At the end of the term, one may purchase additional term, based on their then attained age and at the cost associated with that older age.

Many people purchase term insurance, because of the lower premium at that time. When the premium reaches a point where it is no longer affordable, they usually cancel. Insurance companies only have to pay out money on less than 5% of term policies.

Whole Life Insurance is designed to cover the insured for their entire life, with no change in cost. When an insured purchases whole life insurance, the insurance company will pay out to the beneficiary 100% of the time, tax free. The money gets to stay with the family. Also, the policy owner has access to the Cash Savings Value which builds up in the policy over time.

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